NAMI Education Portal Support 

Recommending a Program Leader for Training

Step-by-step directions to submit program leaders for training in the NAMI Education Portal.


1.    Click on “Program Leaders” in blue at the top of the page

2.    Click on “Recommend a Program Leader”

3.    Your state will be chosen for you and you will select the Affiliate office from the dropdown that you would like the program leader to be associate with.

4.    Select the appropriate program from the dropdown.

5.    Your information as the submitter cannot be edited; it reflects the information associated with your account

6.    Enter the information of the program leader (first and last names) and the email address associated with their account. If you submit someone with an email address that is not the primary email address on their account, once they complete the training, they will not be updated to reflect that in NAMI360 until the email address in the NAMI portal and on their account match.

7.    Choose the program leader status that reflects their previous involvement with the program they are being submitted for. If this is the first time they are training for this program, choose “new program leader”. If they have already been trained for this program and need the updated materials and information, choose “existing program leader”. Involvement in other NAMI programs is irrelevant for this selection.

Please Note: If you have already submitted someone's name for a specific training, let's say IOOV, and they are showing as "online enrolled" for IOOV, there's no need to re-submit them for that same program. If they can't find the email to log into the training, they can go to and sign in with the email address you used when you submit their information. If you re-submit someone who is showing as "online enrolled", this will cause an error in the NAMI Education Portal.

Who Can be Recommended for Each Training

Qualifications for beginning each NAMI training. 

En Nuestra Propia Voz de NAMI: Existing and new ENPV presenters, or existing bilingual IOOV presenters who would like to familiarize themselves with the Spanish-language content.

NAMI ETS Lead Families: ETS presenters who have already completed the NAMI ETS Lead Students online training. 

NAMI ETS Lead Staff: ETS presenters who have already completed the NAMI ETS Lead Students online training. 

NAMI ETS Lead Students: Existing and new ETS lead presenters.

NAMI ETS Young Adult: Existing and new young adult presenters for any of the ETS programs

NAMI F2F: Existing and new F2F program leaders (teachers).

NAMI F2F State Trainer: For now, only existing F2F trainer that have completed the training for existing F2F program leaders should be enrolled in this training. 

NAMI Family & Friends: NAMI Family & Friends pilot states and states whose application to begin the program has been accepted. Note: the online training includes 3 separate units. All program leaders recommended to train for Family & Friends must be currently certified to lead at least one of the following programs: NAMI Family-to-Family, NAMI Basics, or NAMI Homefront. 

NAMI IOOV: Existing and new IOOV presenters.

NAMI P2P: Existing and new P2P program leaders. Note: the online training includes 6 separate units.   

NAMI P2P State Trainer: For now, only existing P2P trainers that have taught the new course at least once should be enrolled in this training. 

NAMI SYSLE: Existing and new SYSLE presenters.

NAMI SYSLE Trainer Prep: Existing and new trainers. There is no in-person training for SYSLE Trainers.

What Happens After Submitting a Program Leader Recommendation

  1. Shortly after their recommendation has been submitted (within fifteen minutes), the program leader will be emailed a link to a brief fidelity agreement that they will submit online.

    The fidelity agreement email will come from If the program leader does not see the email within fifteen minutes of being recommended, please have them check their spam/junk folder. If they still do not see the email, please have them email or for assistance.

  2. Within an hour of signing the fidelity agreement, the program leader will receive an email from Bridge (our online learning platform), inviting them to create a password for the site and begin the course.

    The email from Bridge will come from If the program leader does not see the email within one hour of being recommended, please have them check their spam/junk folder. If they still do not see the email, please have them email or for assistance.

  3. When the program leader completes their online training, the person that recommended them for the training will receive an email from Bridge.

    Anyone with full access to the NAMI Education Portal from your Affiliate or NSO may check on the training status of program leaders recommended from your organization. To do so, click the Program Leaders link at the top of the page, then find the pertinent program leader recommendation record (the training status can be found in the further right-hand column of the record.)

Known Issues with NAMI Trainings

We are currently aware of and are working to resolve the following issues that are occurring infrequently with a number of (but not all) users.


1. IMPORTANT: The courses are only functional on a computer (desktop or laptop). Please do not attempt on a tablet, phone or iPad. Progress saving issues occur when using devices other than a computer.

2. The courses are compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. Please do not attempt on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or other browser.

3. The submit button in P2P disappearing on older computers.

4. Reaching the end of a training but not getting marked as “complete” in Bridge appears to happen when using devices other than a computer.


Fixed Issues to the Trainings

We moved all courses to cloud storage on 4/8/19. Cloud storage allows users' progress and course data to be saved in a server that can be accessed from any computer. This means that the users do not have to return to the same computer each time, they are able to access their saved information from any computer.

For trainees enrolled after 8/9/18, notes are now saving for all versions of ETS. Anyone enrolled in the course prior to 8/9/18 will continue to have the issue of their notes not saving. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information on managing your program leader training in the portal.


1.    How can I access the training to support my prospective leaders?

You can add yourself as a Program Leader to the NAMI Portal and get emailed a link to the online training. Once you’ve had a chance to review the course, you can then look at your “Details” in the NAMI Portal and choose “Cancel Recommendation” so that you are not counted as an actual program leader.


2.    How will I manage program leaders?

In the portal you can see who has been submitted for training and where they are in their training process. If your account is associated with a NSO, you will see all program leaders in training in your state, if your account is associated with a NA, you will only see those in your affiliate. You will be emailed each time a person you submitted for training has completed the online training.


3.    Who can become a NAMI program leader?

Individuals must have an active NAMI membership to begin training to become a program leader. Prospective leaders must also have a free account. Please use the email address that matches that account when submitting a program leader. This way their NAMI 360 record can be updated once they’ve completed training.


4.    Why do the program leaders have to be a NAMI member to complete the training?

Everyone recommended to become a program leader should be a NAMI member before beginning their training. It’s particularly important with NAMI Family-to-Family that all trainees have an account that they can sign into on, otherwise they will not be able to order their free manual through the NAMI Store.


5.    I have existing program leaders that need to be updated on the new program materials. What do I do?

You will submit the names of existing program leaders to start the online training using the same process as a new individual, except you will tag the user as "existing program leader". Once they've completed the online training, they will be ready to present. (Existing program leaders are not required to go through In-Person training again.)  To get access to the updated materials, existing program leaders must be marked as having completed the online training and new program leaders must be marked as having completed both the online and in-person trainings.


6.    We have a lot of existing program leaders. Is there a way to upload them all at once to complete the orientation to the updated materials?

We are asking that NSOs and NAs upload their own leaders so that only active presenters go through the orientation and gain access to the updated materials. If you need support in uploading your program leaders, please send your list in an excel document with their first name, last name, email address (that’s associated with their account) and their program leader status (existing or new program leader) to


7.    The information for each program leader is not updating. What’s the issue? 

The information on the portal updates every 15 to 60 minutes. If you’ve had the portal page open for an extended amount of time, you need to refresh the page to see any changes that have occurred since you first opened the page.


8.    I submitted a program leader in the portal and they didn't receive an email to begin the training process. What's the issue?

Click on their name to double check their email address. If the email address includes a typo, cancel that recommendation and submit them again. If everything looks correct, ask the leader to check their spam folder for an email from


9.    A row is highlighted in orange. What does that mean? 

An orange highlight indicates an error with the submission.

a.    The most common error message is “Error: There is no record found with the primary email …” and indicates that no record was found in NAMI 360 with that primary email address. For this reason, this person cannot be properly designated after completing the training. There are two possible solutions:

                                          i.    If the program leader does not have a account, they must create one, using the same email address that was used to recommend them for training. To create a account go to and click “Sign In” and then “Create an Account”.

                                        ii.    If the program leader has a account associated with another email address, they must update their email address to match the one submitted in the portal. To update their primary email address, please email for support at this time.

For additional questions not listed here, please email

For common online training questions from program leaders, please click here for the most updated version (updated 1/3/2020).